ЛГБТ-служение "Nuntiare et Recreare"

Каждый имеет право исповедовать любую религию независимо от своей сексуальной ориентации и гендерной идентичности.


Valery Sozaev. May Day / Easter

Валерий Созаев с радужным флагом на первомайском шествии

This year Easter on the Julian calendar fell on the same day as the International Workers’; Day – May 1 st . For the past few years I had been part of the rainbow column at the May Day march. The May Day march was an opportunity for the St. Petersburg LGBT movement to voice the concerns of the LGBT community. It only felt right for our LGBT column to be part of the Democratic […]

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Patriarch Kirill condemns same-sex marriage in parliament speech

Patriarch Kirill

His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has taken part in the 4th Christmas parliamentary meetings held at the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation – traditional meetings of church leaders and Parliament. In his speech the Patriarch declared that laws must be based on Divine revelation: “Law is, undoubtedly, a man-made institution, but its values lie with Divine morality.” To develop this thought, the leader of […]

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The head of Russia’s largest church has said that terrorism is the response to a godless civilization with Gay prides.

Patriarch Kirill

On January 7th 2016, the Russian state-owned TV channel “Russia 1” broadcast an interview with Patriarch Kirill who heads the Russian Orthodox Church, the country’s largest, most influential religious organization. During the interview, he shared his opinions on the motives of terrorists whose actions, in his mind, are a reaction to the rise of a godless civilization, which welcomes Gay prides. The interview was recorded for Christmas, which is celebrated on January 7th according to […]

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The Synod of the Church of Ingria: Same sex sexual relations are an absolute sin

Image of the cross behind the glass

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (Евангелическо-лютеранская церковь Ингрии) has approved the Declaration «On the same-sex relationships» that condemns same-sex couples. According to the site of the Church the Declaration was approved at the last meeting of the Church Synod, held on Friday, October 16. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria is the second largest Lutheran church in Russia, with 75 congregations and 18,000 members, and is mostly active in Ingria and Karelia. The church […]

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New bill requires personal data of people of belief

Государственная Дума Российской Федерации

A bill to make changes to the Federal law “Concerning Freedom of Conscience and Concerning Religious Associations” was passed in the third reading by the State Duma on 3 July, 2015. If the bill is signed by the President, religious organisations will be required to submit information regarding: the head of the organisation, the place where the religious services are held, the full names of the participants of the religious group, the addresses of the […]

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