NeR_logo1. We recognize value and dignity of each human being.

2. We recognize love, respect, equality, peace, unity, mercy, freedom, nonviolence and human rights as key values in communication between people.

3. We create the community of identities based on mutual respect, mutual acceptance, mutual openness and mutual help in spiritual development.

4. On our meetings we encourage the spirit of freedom in discussions of all issues recognizing equal right for existence of different points of view.

5. On our meetings we recognize religious and worldview diversity and welcome people with different beliefs: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, followers of folk beliefs, secular humanist, agnostics, atheists etc.

6. We recognize the value of religious tolerance, which means respect of other people’s right to have their beliefs in the way it is acceptable for them and disapproval the possibility of oppression of others on the basis of their beliefs.

7. On our meetings we do not encourage «disputes about the truth” and “true religion”, but it doesn’t mean we accept the idea that all religions are right in equal degree. We do not avoid critics of actions that are religiously motivated and harm other people. We avoid comparison of different beliefs with each other; avoid comparison of religious beliefs with scientific data in those fields where these data overlap.

8. We recognize that each human being has the right for freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and religion regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

9. We believe that spiritual development is possible thru healing of wounds of the soul and intellectual development. Therefore we strive to balance both on our meetings.